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I want to fuck you so bad, so hard right now!
Cuff your wrists and ankles to the top and bottom bars of my bed frame. Tease the fuck out of you until you’re begging me to stop! Until you’re begging for more.

For those of you who fallow me on this account, I have a different one I use more. Mostly for writing, and pictures of my life. If you’d like to check it out here it is

Why can’t someone just love me without the lies, payback, and just trust me with everything..? Makes this whole thing feel like a lie…

Here I am.
<3 last night, ready for bed

I can remember your orbits so vividly in the dark.
They could pierce through any galaxy of time.
You were so crystalline, moving through space.
You did so- effortlessly.

All I want from it is to take control.
Consume my soul into the darkness of purgatory.
Chase me through the endless light,
to finally awaken the alter spirit.
Because, this robotic soul wont feel the pain
your earth has caused.
For that, I will go on living.

All I want to do is sleep